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MPLNET Project Leadership
Dr. Ellsworth Judd Welton Project Head (Principal Investigator), NASA
Sebastian A. Stewart Project Engineer / Network Manager, SSAI
Vacant Project Scientist
MPLNET Operations Team
Vacant Instrument Technician
Vacant (hiring) Webmaster, Programmer
Larry R. Belcher IT System Support, Programmer, SSAI
Lisa A. Nalborczyk Administrative Support, Property, SSAI
MPLNET Science Team
Dr. Ellsworth Judd Welton Calibration Lead, Aerosol Lead, NASA
Dr. Jasper R. Lewis V3 Cloud and PBL Algorithm Development, Cloud Studies, UMBC
Dr. Simone Lolli (offsite) Aerosol Modeling, Cirrus Radiative Effects, Precipitation Profiling, CNR-IMAA
Dr. James R. Campbell (offsite) Cloud Lead, Cirrus Radiative Effects, Satellite Lidar Cal/Val, NRL

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The MPLNET project is a federated network of MPL instruments located at sites around the world. The project headquarters are located at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, USA. The core, centralized functions of the project are supported by NASA and the MPLNET Staff at Goddard Space Flight Center. Network partners around the world contribute their valuable instruments, time, and support to maintain the project and provide data to our users. Visit the MPLNET Partners link to obtain information about our site partners.

Contact the Project Head for inquiries about joining MPLNET, funding/budget, procurement issues, and large scale applications using MPLNET (field campaigns, modeling, air quality, etc).

Contact the Project Engineer / Network Manager with questions about MPL instrumentation, components and associated equipment, and site logistics/shipping.

Contact the Project Scientist with questions about the website, data products, algorithms, science/applications, and our science team.

The operations team listed here includes only those on staff at our NASA GSFC network HQ. Our larger operations team includes staff at each site in the network who help maintain their instruments and ensure high quality data are collected.

Our Science Team is multifaceted, and the project titles shown represent our team contributions to operational project duties. Contact each member with questions about specific roles. However, all our science team members have expertise with aerosol and cloud related science/applications. If in doubt about who to contact about a topic, contact the Project Scientist. In addition to those listed here, our full science team includes scientists at each site in our network. Contact site PIs for more information.

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