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Version 2 Note: V2 processing for most sites ended ~2014. Please check our V3 archive for up-to-date data.

#SiteLatitudeLongitudeAltitudeAERONET SiteVersionStatusPrincipal Investigator
Active Sites
1Douliu23.7120° N120.5450° E0.060 kmDouliuV2 & V3ActiveCarlo Wang
2EPA-NCU24.9670° N121.1810° E0.135 kmEPA-NCUV2 & V3ActiveCarlo Wang
3GSFC38.9930° N76.8400° W0.050 kmGSFCV2 & V3ActiveJudd Welton
4Santa_Cruz_Tenerife28.4720° N16.2470° W0.052 kmSanta_Cruz_TenerifeV2 & V3ActiveAfrica Barreto Velasco
5SEDE_BOKER30.8550° N34.7820° E0.480 kmSEDE_BOKERV2 & V3ActiveArnon Karnieli
6Singapore1.2980° N103.7800° E0.030 kmSingaporeV2 & V3ActiveSoo-Chin Liew
7South_Pole89.9800° S24.8000° W2.835 kmSouth_PoleV2 & V3ActiveJudd Welton
8UMBC39.2550° N76.7100° W0.062 kmUMBCV2 & V3ActiveBelay Demoz
Inactive Sites
1Abracos_Hill10.7667° S62.3667° W0.283 kmAbracos_HillV2 & V3InactiveJudd Welton
2ACE_Asia_Cruise35.0000° N131.0000° E0.000 kmACE_Asia_CruiseV2 & V3InactiveJudd Welton
3Anmyon36.5333° N126.3167° E0.045 kmAnmyonV2 & V3InactiveMyoung-Soo Kim
4Appledore_Island42.9667° N70.6167° W0.040 kmAppledore_IslandV2 & V3InactiveRobert Talbot
5Bac_Lieu9.2800° N105.7300° E0.010 kmBac_LieuV2 & V3InactiveJudd Welton
6Bermuda32.3697° N64.6958° W0.010 kmTudor_HillV2 & V3InactiveJudd Welton
7Capo_Verde16.7330° N22.9350° W0.060 kmCapo_VerdeV2 & V3InactiveSi-Chee Tsay
8CART_SITE_IOP36.6167° N97.5000° W0.320 kmCART_SITEV2 & V3InactiveSi-Chee Tsay
9COVE36.9100° N75.7100° W0.010 kmCOVE_SEAPRISMV2 & V3InactiveGreg Schuster
10CRYSTAL_FACE25.6478° N80.4328° W0.005 kmCRYSTAL_FACEV2 & V3InactiveJudd Welton
11Doi_Ang_Khang19.9300° N99.0500° E1.536 kmDoi_Ang_KhangV2 & V3InactiveSi-Chee Tsay
12Dunhuang40.0380° N94.7937° E1.300 kmDunhuangV2 & V3InactiveSi-Chee Tsay
13Gosan_SNU33.2830° N128.1690° E0.050 kmGosan_SNUV2 & V3InactiveSoon-Chang Yoon
14Heng-Chun22.0550° N120.7000° E0.025 kmHeng-ChunV2 & V3InactiveGeorge Lin
15ICEALOT0.005 kmICEALOTV2 & V3InactiveRobert Talbot
16Jambi1.6324° S103.6416° E0.030 kmJambiV2 & V3InactiveJudd Welton
17Kanpur26.5190° N80.2330° E0.150 kmKanpurV2 & V3InactiveSachi Tripathi
18Kuching1.4910° N110.3490° E0.028 kmKuchingV2 & V3InactiveSanto Salinas
19MAARCO24.8830° N54.8330° E0.000 kmMAARCOV2 & V3InactiveJeff Reid
20Mongu15.2543° S23.1505° E1.025 kmMonguV2 & V3InactiveJudd Welton
21Monterey36.5830° N121.8500° W0.050 kmMontereyV2 & V3InactiveJeff Reid
22NCU_Taiwan24.9667° N121.1806° E0.135 kmNCU_TaiwanV2 & V3InactiveGeorge Lin
23Ny_Alesund78.9167° N11.9330° E0.040 kmNy_AlesundV2 & V3InactiveMasataka Shiobara
24Omkoi17.7980° N98.4320° E1.120 kmOmkoiV2 & V3InactiveJudd Welton
25Palangkaraya2.2280° S113.9462° E0.027 kmPalangkarayaV2 & V3InactiveJudd Welton
26Pimai15.1894° N102.5639° E0.220 kmPimaiV2 & V3InactiveJudd Welton
27Ragged_Point13.1700° N59.4300° W0.030 kmRagged_PointV2 & V3InactiveJudd Welton
28Roosevelt_Roads18.2167° N65.6000° W0.006 kmRoosevelt_RoadsV2 & V3InactiveJudd Welton
29SACOL35.9458° N104.1369° E1.965 kmSACOLV2 & V3InactiveJianping Huang
30Skukuza24.9720° S31.5850° E0.150 kmSkukuzaV2 & V3InactiveSi-Chee Tsay
31SMART24.2170° N55.5170° E0.250 kmSMARTV2 & V3InactiveSi-Chee Tsay
32Syowa69.0000° S39.5800° E0.030 kmSyowaV2 & V3InactiveMasataka Shiobara
33Thompson_Farm43.1100° N70.9500° W0.023 kmThompson_FarmV2 & V3InactiveCarolyn Jordan
34Trinidad_Head41.0540° N124.1510° W0.107 kmTrinidad_HeadV2 & V3InactiveJohn Barnes
35Vasco_CruiseV2 OnlyJudd Welton
36XiangHe39.7539° N116.9619° E0.035 kmXiangHeV2 & V3InactiveSi-Chee Tsay
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