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Regional Research Initiatives supported by MPLNET

  1. SEALS-sA: Sea Earth Atmosphere Linkages Study in Southern Africa (2015 - current)
    Sites: Windpoort, Henties_Bay
  2. CAHN: Caribbean Aerosol Health Network (2015 - current)
    Sites: Ragged_Point, Key_Biscayne, Cape_San_Juan Puerto Rico and others coming soon.
  3. 7-SEAS: Seven South East Asian Studies (2009 - current)
    Sites: Doi_Ang_Khang, Douliu, EPA-NCU, Heng-Chun, NGHIA_DO, Omkoi, Singapore, USM_Penang

International Field Campaigns Supported by MPLNET

  1. AEROCLO-SA: Aerosols, Radiation, and Clouds in Southern Africa (2017)
    Sites: Windpoort, Henties_Bay
  2. TIGERZ: Campaign to measure aerosol microphysical and optical properties over India (2009)
    Sites: Kanpur
  3. ICEALOT: International Chemistry Experiment in the Arctic LOwer Troposphere (2008)
    Sites: ICEALOT
  4. CATZ: CALIPSO and Twilight Zone Ground-based Validation (2007)
    Sites: GSFC, others (to be added to website)
  5. NAMMA: NASA African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses (2006)
    Sites: Capo_Verde
  6. BASE-ASIA: Biomass-burning Aerosols in South East-Asia: Smoke Impact Assessment (2006)
    Sites: Pimai
  7. EAST-AIRE: East Asian Study of Tropospheric Aerosols: an International Regional Experiment (2005)
    Sites: XiangHe
  8. UAE2: United Arab Emirates Unified Aerosol Experiment (2004)
    Sites: MAARCO, SMART
  9. ARM IOP: ARM Aerosol IOP (2003)
    Sites: CART_SITE
  10. SMOCC: Smoke Aerosols, Clouds, Rainfall, and Climate Experiment (2002)
    Sites: Abracos_Hill
  11. CRYSTAL-FACE: Cirrus Regional Study of Tropical Anvils and Cirrus Layers - Florida Area Cirrus Experiment (2002)
  12. ACE-Asia: Asian Pacific Regional Aerosol Characterization Experiment (2001)
    Sites: ACE_Asia_Cruise, Dunhuang
  13. SAFARI: Southern African Regional Science Initiative (2000)
    Sites: Skukuza, Mongu
  14. PRIDE: Puerto Rico Dust Experiment (2000)
    Sites: Roosevelt_Roads
  15. ARREX: Aerosol Recirculation and Rainfall Experiment (1999)
    Sites: Skukuza

Pre-MPLNET Field Campaigns:

  1. ACE-2: Aerosol Characterization Experiment 2 (1997)
  2. INDOEX: Indian Ocean Experiment (1999)
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